Campaign Design

Despite the Entrepreneur magazine revealing that 70% to 90% of all crowdfunding campaigns fail, small business owners are still expected to succeed by reading the same generic free information as those who failed. Our experts don't just remove this challenge by designing your campaign for you, but we also equip you with key insights that make running a campaign easier; whilst ensuring your business reaps the benefits of the campaign long after it has ended.

Pay As You Go Page Management

Sites such as Woomentum have revealed that typically 80% of all funds come from your social circle, (or that of your friends); therefore it's really important to free up time for engaging with your circle throughout the campaign. By using this flexible crowdfunding page management service not only will you free up your time, but you'll get support tailored to your schedule and find it easier to raise funds. The latter is due to our proven techniques that drastically increases the total amount your campaign collects.

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